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Worldwide partner

Located in Switzerland

8305 Dietlikon


Explore a new dimension of NMR-Probes

QOT 400 X/H – F 05

QOneTec’s NMR probes are carefully manufactured with only the highest quality materials to ensure an excellent performance. The QOT 400 X/H – F 05 probe is the result of an innovative design process aimed to enhance your NMR experience.

Key Specifications

  • broadband channel range:  31P – 15N
  •  1H tuneable to 19F
  • 13C signal-to-noise optimized
  • all channels, including lock, tune- and matchable without removing the probe
  • actively shielded single-axis gradient
  • superior solvent suppression

Patented Design

No more searching for the right tuning and matching knob under the probe. The new QOneTec design ensures easy access for tuning and matching with knobs located on the probe body.


High Reliability

During our development process we placed great emphasis on the long-term reliability of the probe. Therefore, our products are built with the highest quality materials.


Convenient Layout

On our probe, the RF-, heating, gradient and temperature gas connectors are placed in the most convenient positions. 

Customized Probes

QOneTec also offers probes customized according to your requirements.

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