The STM Platform

Designed to enhance your NMR experience

QOneTec is well aware of the importance to offer a quick and reliable tuning and matching mechanism for fully automated NMR applications. Our patented and revolutionary design guarantees the fastest, most precise and drift-free adjustment of all probe channels. Explore a new dimension of automated NMR probes, tailored to your needs and compatible with all major NMR architectures.

QOneTec Portfolio

High performance & reliability

Complete compatibility with Q.One Instruments, Bruker
and Agilent/Varian
system architectures

Built to fit your specific application

Optimized without compromises for best results

all probes combined with

QOneTec's Patented STM Technology

Smart Tune & Match technology in every QOneTec NMR probe and for all channels, including lock

Fully automated tune and match, stand-alone or fully
integrated into SpinStudioJ and Topspin

fast, precise and reliable

Seamless Software Integration - For All Applications and System Architectures

QOne HUB - Web Browser-based Operation

SpinStudioJ - Native Implementation

Topspin - Full Functionality

QOneTec STM Unit - Faster Than Ever Before

Our new and patented QOneTec STM technology ensures a precise and reliable adjustment of all probe channels.

Thanks to our recently developed STM Unit, our technology can be used independently of the system manufacturer.

The automated high speed tuning & matching concept works without drift, hysteresis, or mechanical play in a matter of seconds.

Check our NMR Probe Portfolio which of our probes could be integrated into your system.

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