Fully integrated NMR solutions by QOne

Together with Q.One Instruments, QOne is proud to offer the Quantum I+ NMR System. The system contains an actively shielded 400 or 600 MHz magnet, the Quantum-I+ console, a fully integrated QOneTec probe of your choice and a lifelong, hassle-free license of SpinStudioJ, QOne Instruments powerful NMR software package.


400 or 600 MHz Magnet


  • based on Oxford technology
  • compact and lightweight
  • actively shielded
  • high field stability
  • long cryogen hold times
  • pneumatic passive vibration damping
  • 24 or 60 units sample changer

Single or Double Bay Consoles

Key Specifications

  • standard two channel console (expandable to up to 4 channels in standard cabinet)
  • two channel console:
    proton channel: 180 - 620 MHz, 70 W max
    broadband channel: 15 - 410 MHz, 320 W max
  • transmitter frequency range from 10 MHz to 650 MHz on all channels
  • up to 40 shim channels
  • X,Y shim channels for 3D gradient shimming
  • high precision digital clock


NMR Software Package

  • simple and intuitive
  • complete data acquisition and processing functionality
  • data is MNova software package compatible
  • fully automatic, high accuracy 3D shimming
  • highly automated experiment workflow
  • intuitive graphical pulse sequence editor
  • free lifetime license and upgrades
phase sensitive roesy (tppi) of cyclosporine-A in benzene-d6
phase sensitive ge dqf cosy of cyclosporine-A
phase sensitive ge-noesy of 2mM lysozyme in 90% H2O, 10% D2O
phase sensitive mlev17-tocsy (tppi) of cyclosporine-A in benzene-d6
ge-hsqc 1H -13C cyclosporin-A in benzene-d6
ge-hmbc (magnitude) 1H - 13C cyclosporin-A
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