Fully integrated NMR solutions by QOne

Together with Q.One Instruments, QOne is proud to offer the Quantum I+ NMR System. The system contains an actively shielded 400 or 600 MHz magnet, the Quantum-I+ console, a fully integrated QOneTec probe of your choice and a lifelong, hassle-free license of SpinStudioJ, QOne Instruments powerful NMR software package.


400 or 600 MHz Magnet


Single or Double Bay Consoles

Key Specifications


NMR Software Package

phase sensitive roesy (tppi) of cyclosporine-A in benzene-d6
phase sensitive ge dqf cosy of cyclosporine-A
phase sensitive ge-noesy of 2mM lysozyme in 90% H2O, 10% D2O
phase sensitive mlev17-tocsy (tppi) of cyclosporine-A in benzene-d6
ge-hsqc 1H -13C cyclosporin-A in benzene-d6
ge-hmbc (magnitude) 1H - 13C cyclosporin-A
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